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15 years ago

Paramiterization and executing the project multiple times.


I have developed the 5 keyword tests in one project. Each keyword test will input the values in the text boxes to complete the student application in the 5th keyword test of project.

I want to create Different types of student applications by executing this whole project 2 times by inputting different values for certain fields on two of the keyword tests.

So i thought i can parameterize those values of the feilds on multiple keyword tests. For datadriven i cannot use while loop to feed the 2 types of values for feilds in the same key word test. For my script the entire project should run with all keyword test one time with one set of values and then it has to run second time with second set of values.

Because my keyword tests are connected to each other and all the keyword test will create application in the end of execution of project.

Also i saw the project item, i don't see any option of running the whole project 2 times. i have an option to run each keyword test 2 times which will be incorrect according to my application. and that is not what i want.

I hope i made the scenario clear.

Is there any other way to do this.

Please suggest me. Thanks in advance. i want to get clarified.


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    I am running the keyword test developed in another keyword test of the project.

    These are the test step items where i am running the set of  keyword tests again Login_QAFA(with different parameter) of the same project, Appl_NewFAFSA  , FAFSA_STEP1_Enter_Save  

    linkCtl00Lnkheaderlogout Click ... Clicks the 'linkCtl00Lnkheaderlogout' control.

    pageFameEsolutions1 Wait  Waits until the browser loads the page and is ready to accept user input.

    Run Keyword Test Login_QAFA P_LoginId2, p_Password2 Runs a keyword test.

    Run Keyword Test Appl_NewFAFSA  Runs a keyword test.

    Run Keyword Test FAFSA_STEP1_Enter_Save  Runs a keyword test.

    But when it executes Appl_NewFAFSA  , it gives me a warning saying that

    Type Message Time Link

    There is (are) 2 running instance(s) of "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe". New instances will not be launched. 11:40:14 

    The test is running fine now. Can you suggest anything for me to do to avoid the warning sign. I am afraid that this might give problems later.
  • Hi Sri,

    The message is posted because only a single instance of the tested application is supposed to be launched according to the Count property of the corresponding tested application. This is the default value, and I strongly recommend that you do not increase it, as it may cause problems with objects recognition. I recommend that you use the WaitProcess method (see the "WaitProcess Method" help topic ( ) for more information) to check whether an instance of your application already exists in the system and close the process if the instance of your application is found before the new instance is launched. Since your application will be restarted in this case, this can also increase the stability of your tests, as the application will be returned to its initial state.