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9 years ago

Parameterizing REST request from TestComplete

As part of my TestComplete test suite, I want to be able to make REST requests to avoid unecessary UI interaction. I have managed to get a REST request working using the SOAPUI intergration. However ...
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    9 years ago



    Did I get you right that you are using SoapUI integration in your TestComplete project, execute some SoapUI test from within your TestComplete test and want to pass parameters from TestComplete test to SoapUI one?

    If the above is correct, than that close integration is not supported by TestComplete (yet?). I think that the only posible approach in this case is to store parameters in some intermediate file in TestComplete test and read the content of this file and assign the proper values to the relevant variables in SoapUI. To implement this in SoapUI, you may either create a startup script or add an additional step to the test.


    P.S. Alternative approach is to send REST request directly from TestComplete test (using, for example, thread as a sample).