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14 years ago


How to parameterize keyword tests...i.e., to parameterize the combobox (need to insert values for everytime and then perform the next action)...should we use for loop for that???

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  • Hello Rahul,

    As far as I understand, you need to select an item from a combo box, perform some actions and repeat the sequence of actions for each item. For this purpose, you should organize a loop using the For Loop operation as described in the Organizing Loops help topic. In your case, the parameterized action is the  ClickItem Action that will select a combo box item by its index. The Start value of the Loop operation will be 0, the End value will be the value of the ComboBox.wItemCount property. The Loop Variable will be used as a parameter for the ComboBox.ClickItem action.

    See also: Working With Combo Box Controls.
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           Can you please tell me where is the ellipse button in the parametr window...??

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  • Hello Rahul,

    Please refer to the attached image. Is this button what you need?