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10 days ago

Page Mainform always changing for web app


I have a question, currently we are automating our web application, but we noticed that every time there is a new release of the web application, the page main form of the web application mapped to testcomplete is not working. As we remap the object, the page main form name changes and have an incremental number.

See the screenshot below, this is the initial main form when we first mapped the objects, pageDxcAssureIntegral4

After the new release on this environment, the initial objects mapped were not working, we tried to remap it again, and the page main form change to pageDxcAssureIntegral3.

Additional note, upon inspecting the element of the Web application, the tagging and unique locators for the main form does not change.

We would like to ask if this is the common behavior of TestComplete? Is there a way to still locate objects even if the main form changes?


Appreciate any answer for this.


Thank you.

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      We are using drag and point to recognize the object, it is TC that is doing the name mapping, it is the same object that we mapped before, but it is creating a different object, hence the old name mapping does not locating the object mapped before. We want to know why TC keeps on creating new name mapping, and the answer to this question is not on the link you provided, which only explain different kind of object locating used by TC. Can you perhaps help me to understand why this is happening in our case?

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        TC will create name mappings based on property values of the UI object. If these property values are not unique, then TC will end up creating duplicates i.e. it will append a number at the end of the name mapping

        The link that I have provided, provides an explanation how TC identifies objects.

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    Can you let us know how this web page is mapped in TC?