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8 years ago

Overlapping window issue is occurring even though there is no window visible

I am trying perform a click on operation on object inside an application window. But while playback I am getting an issue of overlapping window, even though is it is not visible. When I tried to get more info about this issue from the logs, in the Additional information section I got this.

Sys["Process"]("explorer")["Window"]("Progman", "Program Manager", 1)["Window"]("SHELLDLL_DefView", "", 1)["Window"]("SysListView32", "FolderView", 1).

I guess this is related to desktop. I am just stuck beyond this point and not able to solve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!  



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    Can you try to highlight the object from your NameMapping?. If that works then during runtime you won't get problems mostly.