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15 years ago

Object is not getting recognized


I was trying out TestComplete on one of the application that we intended to automate.  I have recorded a simple script that will login and click on few of the objects in the application.

There is one button called "New booking" and Test Complete fails to click on the object even though the object has been added (Recorded).  when I tried to highlight the object in the application it says object not found.  I have attached couple of screen shots for better understanding.  

Let me know if you need additional information.



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  • Hi Ganesh,

    You get the error message as TestComplete cannot find the 'uiNewBookingButton' object in the object tree. Most likely, the button was mapped by using non-stable properties whose values are changed from run to run. I suggest that you check whether the values of the properties of the mapped object are valid. Please read the "Modifying Mapping Criteria" help topic ( ) to learn how to modify name mapping criteria.

    If this doesn't help, try increasing the value of the auto-wait timeout for the operation (clicking the 'New Booking' button). To do this, right-click the failing operation and select "Set Auto-Wait Timeout For Operations...". Uncheck the "Use project default Auto-wait timeout" check box and specify 20000 ms in the "Auto-wait timeout" box. Please refer to the "Set Auto-Wait Timeout Dialog" help topic for details.

    If the problem persists, please zip your entire project suite folder along with the log of the failed test execution and send us the archive via our Contact Support Form ( Also, specify what version of TestComplete ('Help | About ...') you are using.