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5 years ago

object identification of textboxes like this one

I have textboxes like the one whose html you see in the attached pic. TC does not report the NAME property as what you see in name= here. It's name is reported as Textbox(0). It does see the name as OR I want to use NAME. Ok sad me. Maybe I can't.


But I cannot use conditional mapping to idenitfy EITHER (for IE and Edge) OR


Help anyone?

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    It would be more helpful to see what other properties TestComplete exposes to use.  It could be that what you're seeing as "name" is showing up somewhere else.


    As for conditional mapping... why not?  It seems like that would be an optimal way to go.  Although, potentially, you could get an error about a property not being supported or something.


    If you can provide screenshots of properties on the object, perhaps we can help find something that would work better.