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9 days ago

Object identification not working for upgraded version of CREO - (AUT)

we have a CREO upgrade from CREO Ver7.0 to CREO Ver10.0. The earlier script developed for CREO Ver 7 are not working on CREO Ver 10 as name mappings are failing. The object is not getting identified using Text recognition method. Earlier Test Complete was able to identify all the ribbon panel object in Creo 7.0.

we are using following Test Complete Version: x64

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    Our desktop application uses toolbars/ribbon controls from BCGSoft.  When we upgrade versions of their controls it's not unusual for me to have to go back into the name mapping items and update the identification properties.  One of the usual suspects is the WndClass changing.

    To make the mapping more robust I wildcarded the WndClass in the Name Mapping as "BCGPRibbonBar:*".  The portion after the ":" is what typically changes with new versions.

    If it's not recognizing your controls at all that may be something that can be addressed by editing the Object Mappings in the project properties.

    I am not an expert by any stretch in editing these.  It might be best to contact support for assistance with that unless someone else here in the forum knows more about it.

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      Thanks for the information you provided as you rightly pointed out that the mapping issue will come up if wndclass name changes but in our case, nothing has changed. The main window object  wndclass is same as to earlier version and using this class name in our test recognition we were able to map objects within the Ribbon panel of the application. The same thing is not working now.

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    I'm not sure what CREO is, but if there's a major version change in the application that you are testing, then most likely the object property values may have changed too.

    Use the Object Spy tool on various controls, and compare them with the previous version. That will give you an indication as to whether the property values have changed. 

    Also, TC may need to be upgraded too.

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    CREO is a desktop CAD application. Earlier we used text recognition method to identify the objects in the Panel but now the same approach is not working for upgraded version of Application