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11 years ago

Object Driven Testing Question

I've read the documentation on the ODT model, it looks like it might be useful, I've played with it.... Frankly, I just don't get it. Has anyone ever implemented a test system using the Object ...
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    11 years ago
    TestComplete ODT approach doesn't seem to be popular because as I understand it, it was created for Delphi Scripts language (since it doesn't include object-oriented capabilities).

    I rarely see people who use DelphiScript, and other languages (JScript, VBScript) have built-in OOP meanings. So, I think there are some people who use ODT approach, but most probably they are not participating this forum.

    Personally I don't understand ODT (I mean, the way how it is implemented in TestComplete) as well. I tried it several years ago and found it uncomfortable.