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3 years ago

Object does not exist



I'm using keyword test in automating the mobile application. When I trying to input the text in the text field I encountered an error which is "Object does not exist".

Please help me to solve this problem. Please see screnshot below for your reference. Thank you.


This is the text field that I want to enter a data.


This is the error that I encountered.


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  • Hi butoy07 - 


    To start troubleshooting this issue I would suggest clicking on the red object link "panel12" what is happening in this case is one of the properties for this element has changed. When you click this link it will take you to the NameMapping where you will be able to see the properties being used to map the elements. 


    If there is a dynamic property a wildcard can be used to account for the dynamic value:


    Let me know if you have further questions.


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      Thanks for your replies, Community!


      butoy07 please mark the best answer as a solution here!


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    Here are some troubleshooting steps for the error you saw.  Check these out and let us know us you have any other questions.