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14 years ago

Object Browser displays nonsensical descriptions of Objects

I've found that I can't run any TC tests on my machine.  The reason is because TestComplete is displaying incorrect nonsensical information regarding any of my processes.  For example, whereas all our scripts have the correct object displayed, such as:

  Set w2 = w1.WinFormsObject("tbdIncidentDetails")

  Call w2.ClickTab("Incident")

  Set w3 = w2.tbdIncidentDetails_TabPage0.fraIncidentDetailsTab0

  Call w3.WinFormsObject("cboCategory").Keys(sCategory)

  Call w3.WinFormsObject("cboCategory").ClickItem(sCategory)

Our new scripts are being created with nonsesical Object Names, for example:

Call w.Window("").Click(83, 122)

  Set w = w2.Window("", "Incident Search ")

  Set w3 = w.Window("")

  Call w3.ClickTab("Incident Details")

  Set w4 = w3.Window("", "Incident Details").Window("").Window("", "", 3)

  Call w4.Click(28, 13)

  w4.wText = "2131441"

  Call w4.Keys("[Enter]")

  w.Window("", "&Details").ClickButton

  Set w3 = w2.Window("", "Incident Details")

  Set w2 = w3.Window("", "", 2).Window("")

In other words, all the correct Object descriptions (from the Object Browser), such as "w1.WinFormsObject("tbdIncidentDetails")" are now being recorded with the gibberish Object Names, such as "w.Window("")"

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?  It only appears to occur on some machines, and not others.  As it stands, all our current scripts won't run on any machine where this is occurring, as our scripts are trying to hook onto the "correct" Object Names.


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  • Hi Sean,

    It looks like you faced a known problem related to recognition of .NET applications in TestComplete 7.52 after installing some MS updates on your computer. We have a fix that should solve the problem. To get it, please contact our Support Team via our Contact Support form and specify what TestComplete edition (Standard or Enterprise) you are using. To learn this, select 'Help | About...' in TC's main menu.