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12 years ago

not recognizing name mapped objects from first try


I am trying to map the objects from an webpage which has the hierarchy variable. there is a frame that multiplies in the hierarchy on each login (parentobject->frame->frame......->frame).

For this I use conditional identifying and extended find to map the last frame in the hierarchy, and normal mapping for all its child objects.


After each login I try to highlight a child object of the frame and it doesn't work. Highlighting the frame works, and moreover, after doing this all child objects can be highlighted.

I cannot understand what is going on, and how can I fix this. Having objects not being identified(underlying object does not exist) at first, and working after parent object is highlighted looks very unstable for me. 

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    Hi John,

    It's difficult to say what is wrong without seeing your project. Can you share it with us?
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    I want to list all objects in the Name Mapping window...

    I have used Child object with 'MappedName' property. .

    Its working when application is opened but i have objects from various windows and i want to list all in one shot.

    When application is closed or if i navigate to other pages i am not able to get the mapped name ... 

    Any one help me on this would be great .. Thanks in advance :)

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    Hi Mohamed,

    Your request ins't related to the original discussion. Create a new discussion.
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    How did you resolve the issue you mentioned in your first post? I am facing similar issue.