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2 years ago

Not able to grab data from Excel using TestComplete with wrapped text using Excel.Open("filename")..

We are using the Excel.Open("FileName").SheetByIndex(0).Cell("A",6).Value to grab data from excel.  The method works overall, but does not capture the wrapped text from Excel.  The result of the data gets only the top row of data in the cell if the data has multiple rows within the cell due to format wrapping.



I also want to include that we are not using the full version of Excel. We are only using the runtime available from Microsoft:;!!LYp-Ckqeseg!RnQdRJpIZ_U3BXwueZnyhZzwK1WbfXTY1vJbK_jyYaWyXmatNdV0bKgcbRZOc3PgTEaO4hOey4O-vGNPpD-ytTU$ <;!!LYp-Ckqeseg!RnQdRJpIZ_U3BXwueZnyhZzwK1WbfXTY1vJbK_jyYaWyXmatNdV0bKgcbRZOc3PgTEaO4hOey4O-vGNPpD-ytTU$ >


We are also referring to the example provided in the SmartBear documentation:;!!LYp-Ckqeseg!RnQdRJpIZ_U3BXwueZnyhZzwK1WbfXTY1vJbK_jyYaWyXmatNdV0bKgcbRZOc3PgTEaO4hOey4O-vGNPELd9-Fc$ <;!!LYp-Ckqeseg!RnQdRJpIZ_U3BXwueZnyhZzwK1WbfXTY1vJbK_jyYaWyXmatNdV0bKgcbRZOc3PgTEaO4hOey4O-vGNPELd9-Fc$ >


Specifically, the section about Excel Object.

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