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4 years ago

Not able to add objects like "OCR.Recognize(Aliases.EXCEL...).BlockByText("..ook")" to Name Mapping

Using TestComplete to create automate Excel Addins I have trouble to save my objects to Name Mapping   OCR.Recognize(Aliases.EXCEL.wndExcel.EXCEL2.toolbar.Ribbon.NUIPane.NetUIHWND).BlockByText("Hom...
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    4 years ago

    You don't.  At least, not in NameMapping.

    NameMapping is for recognizing, finding, and identifying objects on screen for interaction in the automation.  If you're doing OCR.Recognize, that's returning an object, sure, but it's not a UI object.  So, you would use your standard coding technique of assigning to some sort of variable.  You could create an array and "push" each one to an element in the array.  You could create a dictionary and added a key/value pair for each object... all sorts of methods for storing the object during code execution.


    But you would NOT use NameMapping.