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10 months ago

New ID based Licenses confusion

We have used Key based licenses with TestComplete for 10+ years. Apparently, I must convert to the new ID Based licenses by September. I have been reading through the documentation on the new ID based licenses and I am still confused. 


Floating Licenses 

Are you required to "log in" each time you open TestComplete or does it remember you each time it is opened after the first time? If you are not required to login each time, then how do you switch between users? Or, does it even matter if you switch between users? Instead, could we have a single user account and assign all of the floating licenses to it? Then use that same single user on every PC?


Fixed Licenses

I understand that licenses are assigned to a user, but, are the also restricted to a single PC (like key based licenses)? If user opens TestComplete on PC1 and is assigned a fixed license, if the user closes TestComplete on PC1 can they then open TestComplete on PC2 and would it use the same fixed license?


I also read something about users could only have 1 fixed license assigned to them? I currently have one of my QA associates that has 2 PCs in his office and he uses TestComplete on both all day long. He has a fixed license for each PC.


TestExecute Licenses

I understand how it works with TestExecute. We have 24 TestExecute licenses that are not really specific to a user. How does this work?


Just to be clear, I am not trying to figure out some way to work around their new licensing to save money. I am trying to make sure I don't lose the ability to use the products in the same manner as I currently do.

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    If it helps the conversation, here is my current licensing and user structure.

    Current Licenses

    • 8 Fixed TestComplete Licenses
    • 4 Floating TestComplete Licenses
    • 24 TestExecute Licenses


    • We have 7 associates in the department.
    • Each associate has 3 PCs in their office.
    • PC1 for each of the 7 associates uses a fixed license
    • PC2 for one associate uses the 8th fixed license
    • All of the other associate PCs will share the 4 floating licenses 
    • We also have 24 lab PCs that use TestExecute to run all of our testing
    • TestComplete is also installed on these 24 lab PCs in case we need to troubleshoot an issue on a specific PC.
    • If we open TestComplete on one of those 24 lab PCs then it will use one of the 4 Floating Licenses.