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9 years ago

Network suite: Unable to find Host name

Hi Guys,


I am trying to implement Network suite in my project. While adding Host TC is unable to find Host name. (On click of Fill from Network - its showing "Computers not found" error pop-up)


When I have enter Host name manually and trying to verify (Connect) it again showing error - Verification Fail.


I have tried same from VMServer too.


I didn't understand, whether am I missing anything here or its an network security problem.





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      Thanks for update :)


      I have checked given setting in my machine. still we are not getting Host name.  It might be becouse of our IP address are dynamic.


      I thing Network suite does not support dynamic IP addreess.



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        No, that's not it.  Most places use DHCP to assign IP addresses to machines dynamically.  If you're trying to specify your machines by name, then check that your name resolution is working properly.


        Can you look up the name (using nslookup) and get the correct IP address?  And is there any difference if you also use the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of the computer (ie, "").


        Can you ping the machine by name and get the correct IP address? (Can you ping using the FQDN?)



        Try using the IP address instead of the machine name for the Host in Network Suite.