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13 years ago

Need to Click TaskBar Items in Windows7

Hi all,

I need to Click TaskBar Items in Windows7 machine. But it gives a control of class "MTaskBarWClass" with no items and properties. How can I identify the items and click?

Also I want to click the QuickLaunch Icons in my taskBar..

Can anybody help me...


TC 8.20.538.7 / Win7 32bit / Dot Net Application

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  • Hi Shanmugavel,

    If you need to launch an application, you can simply use the Tested Applications feature or use the approach demonstrated in the following How To entry:

    Get an application's exit code

    As for activating windows, you can use the Activate action for that. Could you please clarify why these approaches do not work for you? As for the control, you can try recording and playing back the needed actions (if you want to test Windows GUI indeed), but this test will probably not be portable to other versions of Windows.

    BTW, the latest version of TestComplete is 8.50.
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    Thanks allen.

    I want to check my quicklaunch shortcut is working or not. Actually from my application, clicking an option will set the quickLaunch option for a document / app. So I have to verify the quickLaunch option set or not and then clicking that launches my app or not.

    So I want to click my item after finding my item..

    Hope this clarifies my requirement.


  • Hi Shanmugavel,

    Thanks for clarifying your request. After a quick check, I haven't found a way to get that information via GUI. Looks like this data is not exposed by the control. Try using another (and non-GUI-dependent) way: check files located in the "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar\" folder - that's where the quick launch shortcuts are located in Windows 7.