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13 years ago

NameMapping same button to multiple iteration paths

I have a few buttons that are constant in my Web application but the mapping is slightly different for each site.

The production site is mapped like: [panel][updatepanel][tableheader][cell][btnScan]

The staging site that i need to retest with the same code is: [panel1][updatepanel][tableheader][cell][btnScan]

I have some C# scripts that run at the start of the TestComplete test that change the URL paths, but how can i easily change the mapped path based on what NameMapping Configuration i am currently running when the test starts?

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  • Hi,

    Could you please send us the links to both sites? We will try to help you solve the problem.

  • The sites are internal to my network and are unreachable to anyone outside so this will not work. I figured that there would be a relatively simple way to work around this issue. 
  • Ok, after messing around in the NameMapping section for about half a day i was able to give the problem [panel] a generic name and have the panel below that set to "Require Children" and that resolved my issues