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2 years ago

Name Mapping

The button my mapped object reffered to has changed names and i want to update it, but I don't have the 'Update Selector' option visible to me so I can't update it. The test log also isn't displaying the option to update it to me

Why can't I update it?

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    Refer to Update Name Mapping, and quote 

    If your tested application or web page has been modified or updated (for example, if a new version has been released), its elements may change their position in the DOM hierarchy, or their ID, class, or caption can change. The stored selectors will no longer remain valid and TestComplete will not be able to identify the web elements on the page correctly.
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      Yeah i get that, it's just I'm not given the option to reselect them

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        Instead of trying to reselect at the button level, are you able to go up one or more levels and find the reselect there?