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3 years ago

Name Mapping Configuration Manager- Desktop Application

Hello Team,


Regarding the Name Mapping - Configuration manager I was trying to Capture the Objects for different Languages by selecting the dropdown options. But If I change the any one of Object properties/alias name in English Language configuration then other configuration also automatically changing. Can you please help me how can we maintain the same Object with different properties values in multiple configurations ex: English/French etc.

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    The dropdown is your object that you are mapping and the languages are properties of that object that you can test, so you are already at the right level.


    What you can do is leave the object in the mapping at the drop down level and then check the properties in the test. 


    For example, have the test pick French in the drop down and then have a checkpoint something like

    if mydropdown.Text = "French" then {do test with French}

    else log.message "French not found" {do error condition things}





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      Hi Marsha_R ,

      Thanks for your response. My concern is the Object Property values are different for each language sometimes.  Also when we add the Objects it will capture the screenshots. The Images also different for each language and if edit in one Language Configuration then automatically another is changing. How can we maintain a Different Name Mapping repositories based on the Configuration selection from the Dropdown. We are not only performing the validations of the Object values and need to perform the Actions to an Object that time it is not able to perform correctly.


      For Example: I have a Object called Select Device in English  but in French the exposed Object properties are Name :  "Sélectionner un appareil". In this case I want to perform a click Operation. So it is not able to identify the Object itself and the images are going to be different for each Language then how can we do Image comparison for each language.