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14 years ago

Name Mapping - "Underlying Object not found"


All the mapped objects for my Project were working properly till today morning. I am not able to recognize the same objects after some time. PFA for the error.

Not sure what would have caused this problem. Please help me on this.

Also, when i searched on forum i got thru' a post: -

As my understanding goes with this URL, one of the patch releases is fixed this problem. I have TestComplete 7.52 enterprise version installed. Let me know to which version i need to upgrade.

Otherwise, is there something to do with the settings?...



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  • Hi,

    Here's a quote from our announcement regarding the .NET fix:

    It is an important hot fix for TestComplete 7.52 users who test .NET applications.

    Microsoft has recently released some .NET Framework updates that were installed automatically on many computers by the Windows Update service. The changes are related to the core .NET Framework functionality used by TestComplete.

    After the updates are installed, tests created for .NET 1-3.5 applications may stop working correctly - you may see the "Object Not Found" and related errors in test results.

    To resolve the problems, please apply the relevant hot fix:

    TestComplete Ent:

    TestComplete Std:



    Here are the hot fix installation steps:

    1. Unpack the downloaded archive to your hard disk drive.

    The archive contains two folders: 'x86' and 'x64'.

    2. Close the product you are applying the fix to.

    3. Copy the 'x86\tcClrHook.dll" file to the Extensions folder of the product.

    For TestComplete and TestExecute, the folder path looks like this:

    <Product Installation Folder>\Bin\Extensions\

    For TestRecorder, the path is as follows:

    <Product Installation Folder>\Bin\

    4. If you are running an x64 operating system, you will also need to copy the 'x64\tcClrHook.dll' file to the following folder:

    TestComplete, TestExecute:

    <Product Installation Folder>\x64\Bin\Extensions\


    <Product Installation Folder>\x64\Bin\

    The fix can be applied only to version 7.52 of TestComplete, TestExecute or TestRecorder.

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    Hi Jared,

    I have tried doing this as you suggested, still the problem exists in my system. Please help me on this.

  • Hi,

    First, check whether TC recognizes the tested application as Open (its objects are named as WinFormsObject in the Object Browser). Otherwise, make sure that the .NET Open Application Support plug-in is installed and enabled.

    If your application is recognized as Open, most probably, the problematic objects are mapped by some properties with dynamic values (such as indexes or captions that change their text). In this case, you need to change their mapping criteria so that they contain only properties with static values.

    See the [url=

    2172]Handling the 'Object Does Not Exist' Error[/url] help topic for more information.