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6 years ago

My Test Complete is very slow/hangs out frequently

Hello All My Test Complete is very slow or Hangs out frequently since this morning. I tried cleaning up Cache, History, Re-booting my machine. Nothing worked out. Version: 12.50.4142.7 x64 Test...
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    6 years ago



    In Tools -> Options -> Engines -> NameMapping, there is a checkbox "Use extended find when possible"... is that checked?


    The reason I ask is that, as you are working with mapped objects, Extended Find, a good feature, does add an overhead of searching for objects.  And, if the objects are deeply layered in, this can add significant overhead.  My recommendation is to turn that option off and only activate Extended Find on mapped objects as needed.

    Now, if this is the case, the solution is not a quick one... it means going through and mapping additional objects by hand... you will need to add the missing ancestor objects to the Mapped Objects section of your NameMapping for all objects that have the Extended Find flag checked.  In my experience, this is the best solution for the problem you're experiencing.