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14 years ago

Multiple License Managers

Greetings.  My company has multiple QA groups for a variety of products, and two of the groups are looking to use TestComplete but want to keep the licensing separate.  One group already has a license manager up and running, and the second group is looking to get one as well.  The question is, what kind of conflicts is this going to cause?  Is there any way to specify which license manager an install of TestComplete or TestExecute will pull from?

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    Hi Brett,

    I would recommend to go through the TestComplete 8 Licensing Guide document that can be opened with the Programs|AutomatedQA|TestComplete 8|Documentation|TestComplete 8 Licensing Guide shortcut. 'Specifying License Manager for Connection' and 'Specifying Users Who May Connect to License Manager' help topics seem to be the ones you are looking for.