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22 days ago

Model dialogues in VM screen

In my testing environment, we are running tests on VMs connected via DRP.
recently I started running tests unattended at after hours (night runs) using Tscon.exe as follows

Disconnecting From Remote Desktop While Running Automated Tests | TestComplete Documentation (

the problem is, once you disconnected, screen resolution fall back to default. (1024 X 768)

hence one of model dialogue buttons disappear from screen.

it should be appear like below, was cut from red line.

Can not be drag up since dialogue top is at screen top.

 I find this is also a universal problem windows - Screen resolution changes for the remote machine after safely closing the RDP session with "SupressWhenMinimzed" - Stack Overflow

I cannot use third party exe's (such as qres) because of security. anybody out there got any solution?

replacing RDP from VNC also will be huge effort (changing organizational norms)   

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      No that doesn't help...
      though, I used /ScreenResolution:"1920*1080" with  SessionCreator it didn't expand screen to desired resolution..

      tried without using Tscon.exe , schedule task 

      even I tried below inside batch file luck. Bytheway my VM is window server 2016

      powershell -Command "Set-DisplayResolution -Width 1920 -Height 1080" 

      which gave me error ..

       T h e   s e t t i n g s   p a s s e d   i n   c o u l d   n o t   b e   a p p l i e d   t o   t h e   g r a p h i c s   d e v i c e .

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        When you run automated tests on a VM, whether it's UI or headless testing. You should use SessionCreator, with the appropriate parameters. The tscon utility is used to disconnect from the Remote Desktop, but maintains the active user session i.e. user is not logged out and computer is not locked.

        What you are seeing, is the OS limitation. 

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    Found the problem...I disconnected using Tscon.exe and run TestComplete using command line. That created a console session with lower resolution. 
    when you run subsequently   SessionCreator  it actually doesn't replace hanging session previously had. But trying to handover to that hanging session. 

    solution is to kill the consol session manually before all. 

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