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4 years ago

Message - Unable to send the results of the "Function" test to an external test management system.

After updating to TC  14.74.437.7 version, I am not able to run the functions which are associated with Azure DevOps test plan , if i remove the Association the test will run normally . 


  • Let me quote the Support Team for anyone experiencing the same issue:



    This is a known issue with 14.74. This version erroneously stores the linked Case ID in the tmsData attribute of linked Test Items (see your project's .mds file). Clear this attribute so the tests run normally again (tmsData="").


    Note that it does not affect the linking feature as in this case, Azure itself stores the linking data, and TestComplete is supposed to just pull it via Azure API.



    Please contact Support for a patch to help overcome this!

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      Marsha_R siddesh do you have any news about this issue?


      I've got the same issue after I've updated Test Complete version to the 14.74.437.7 .


      This error was not generated with the previous version that I had got (14.72.408.7).


      Note: the error is generated only for the test items that have been associated to a test case after the Test Complete version update.


      I've tried to remove the association with the test case, for the test items, and then add it. But there is still this error.


      Do you have some news from support? What can be done? Now the test results are Failed because of this error, and it gives us a false information, because it should be Passed.





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        simonaferrara We're just volunteers helping on the forums and we don't have contact with Support.  Use the link I posted earlier to contact Support with your question directly and they will help you out.