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4 months ago

Merge Keyword Tests from different projects

Sorry I have to ask again, I saw some old posts from years ago, but I still not understand this. 


Why add existing keyword test only add the reference, not actual keyword test?

What's the design purpose behind this? 

The only option is to manipulate the XML-like "keywordtest..tcKDT" file under "Keyword Tests" folder?


So here's my problem, I have project 1 and project 2, both projects have some common keyword tests with exact same name.

I need to use keyword test in project 1 as "baseline/ benchmark" to update the keyword test in project 2

So I need to "merge" the common keyword tests from two projects. 


But I can't put these 2 projects under same project suite in TestComplete, since TestComplete reject to have same keyword test file names under one project suite


I can only think of manipulating the XML-like "keywordtest..tcKDT" file under "Keyword Tests" folder.......


Any advice on this? Appreciated your input. 



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    I don't quite understand your question?


    If for example you have a keyword test that performs actions "clicking X, Y, Z" in all of your 100 projects. It would be best to create a project, defining your common functions, such as "clicking X, Y, Z" which you can then reference in all your 100 projects. If there's an additional steps to add e.g. "clicking A, B, C" then you just update the common function once.