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4 years ago

Memory/Performance leak around JS scripts (OCR) - Does not happen with a code snippet

I have a suite of keyword tests with a small number of JS scripts to access object methods not available otherwise.


These is OCR.Recognize and DetectTable were incorporated into a script as a one-line function.


When the script was called within keyword tests it was noticed test execution visibly slowed until they ground to a halt. 


Performance counters were added to allow monitoring of memory and CPU% at every test step but nothing unusual was noted.


When the script was converted to a code snippet and the issue was "solved".


This page seems to highlight something similar.


However TestComplete should look after garbage collection once the script is closed.  I do not think that's happening.


This is the script:


function Get_Table_Cell_script(Row_param, Col_param)
	var Text = OCR.Recognize(Aliases.Reflection_app.MCS_UAT_form.MCS_Display).DetectTable(spNone, false).Cell(Row_param, Col_param).Text;



The above was initially written with intermediate objects that were "nullified" before exiting.


The equivalent code snippet is:


OCR.Recognize(Aliases.Reflection_app.MCS_UAT_form.MCS_Display).DetectTable(spNone, false).Cell(KeywordTests.Get_Table_Cell.Variables.Row_local, KeywordTests.Get_Table_Cell.Variables.Col_local).Text



We do not want to use code snippets because they are messy and difficult to maintain and can only be used for the basics.


We have a lot other TC test suites that use scripts and have not seen this issue.


Is it related to the OCR objects?