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3 years ago

Mapping tables now not working when using properties that previously allowed successful mapping

Hi all, 


I need a little input to help me figure out an issue. I am mapping webpage controls and where previously I was able to map tables by selecting the text content and Parent properties, this is now producing the ".....does not provide unique identification...." message.


The only way I can now map the tables is to include the ObjectIdentifier property, but that does not allow consistent recognition of the tables as it can change when the test is next run, page reloads etc.


Any idea why using properties that previously provided unique identifcation of table objects are now not??? Seems like I now can't map tables at all so that they will be detected during test runs.

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    Did you recently update TestComplete?  If so, from what version to what version?

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      Yes, recently updated to version 15.31.374.7 from the previous version 15.30.355. 



  • Hello ThomasCasserly - 


    Not necessarily a solution - but sometimes you can ignore that message, TestComplete might not think something is a unique identification but if you know that it is and that is what you have been using you can bypass that message and still use those properties. 


    Let me know if you have additional questions.



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      Hi Emma, 


      tried bypassing  the message but when I immediately check to ensure the object is mapped correctly I get the object does not exist message. So bypassing the message does not work for me.