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2 years ago

Map warning results as skip in Jenkins summary report


I need to map test complete warning results as "Skipped" test cases in Jenkins summary report. I'm using Test Complete plugin and I get properly the test results on test complete report (pass, fail and warning which are my skip test cases). I know that "unexecuted" tests are mapped as skip in Jenkins, therefore this would be my preferred option. The issue I have is that I don't know how to force or set a test case result to "unexecuted". According to the documentation, an unexecuted test is when is not run or a feature not supported is used. Can I get examples in order to get something like this:
-TC1 (pass)

-TC2 (Unexecuted)

-TC3 (fail)

-TC4 (unexecuted)

-TC5 (pass)

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