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3 years ago

Manage execution plan groups

In my proget I run a test to update two different databases.
I therefore created 2 groups in the execution plan.
I would like to know if it is possible to stop the tests of Group "1" if there is an error and run the tests of group "2".
For the moment, the only result
- I get is stopping the kewords test which goes to the next one in the same group
- Stopping the entire project (Group 1 and 2).
I work in Macro Mode (inserting a script solution can of course be considered).
And the test is run by the Jenkins scheduler (i can help that).
Thank you in advance for your help;)

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  • If you use jenkins, make pipeline of two jobs, for tests of group 1 and 2 respectively. Then set in Testcomplete 'Execution plan' for tests of group 1 property 'On error' = 'Stop project'. I think, this is the easiest solution

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      Thank you for advice, Community!


      FaK , does this help?

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    Assuming this execution plan:







    If I got your question right, there is no built-in way to skip execution of test2 and proceed to test3 in case of error in test1.

    Two options (workarounds):

    a) make test2 a child of test1;

    b) make test1 the last child in Group1.