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2 years ago

Make specific work on Python script bold

Hi there,


If I have a script like this how do I make say Test 02 - Create a Graffiti Ticket word Bold?

def Test():
if SendMail("", "", "Test User", "", "Weekly Keyword Test Run in C4S QAS", "Hello Warren, all of the following tests has passed:\n \n Test 01 - C4S Browser Log In\n Test 02 - Create a Graffiti Ticket\n Test 03 - Create a Vegetation Ticket with Cause Category and Work Order\n Test 04 - Create a Pothole Ticket with a Work Order\n Test 05 - Create a Drainage Plan Ticket with a Sales Order\n Test 06 - Create a Res Water Connection Ticket with a Sales / Work Order\n Test 07 - C4S Browser Log Off.\n \n Kind Regards,\n \n Colin"):
Log.Message("Mail was sent")
Log.Warning("Mail was not sent")