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9 years ago

Long start TestExecute from script

I'm running TestExecute from the scripts:



taskkill /im TestExecute.exe /f
cscript RunTEGroup.vbs




WScript.Echo FormatDateTime(Time) & "[Info]: CreateObject TestExecute 11"
Set tc = CreateObject("TestExecute.TestExecuteApplication.11")

Set tci = tc.Integration
tc.Visible = False

WScript.Echo FormatDateTime(Time) & "[Info]: The project suite was opened."



After the launch this script from any virtual machines, the time between events "CreateObject TestExecute 11" and "The project suite was opened." in the region of 10 minutes.

How I can find out why there is such a long start?





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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Pavlov,


    As far as I see, you are working with Vladimir from our Customer Care Team regarding this behavior. When you find out the cause of it, please let us know.