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5 years ago

lazy loading - objects not yet in memory

I am working with an application that uses lazy loading. In one of my tests, I am accessing a row that is visible on a normal monitor. Today I am working on my small laptop and the row is not only no...
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    5 years ago

    FindChild by itself still won't overcome the lazy-load... that's why my PseudoCode had the PageDown call in a while loop.  I'd re-write your code as follows.


    function findRow()
    var Row = 8;
    var List = Aliases.pageDispatch.ListDispatchJobs;
    var child = List.FindChild("Name", "Panel(" + (Row -1) + ")", 1, true);
    while (!child.Exists) {
        child = List.FindChild("Name", "Panel(" + (Row -1) + ")", 1, true);

    This will check to see if the child exists.  If not, it sends a page down keystroke to scroll the list and then checks again.  When it does exist, it exits the while loop and the child object is now the desired object.