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5 years ago

Launching Virtual Machine via Remote desktop connection and testing Desktop applications

Hi below is the scenario that I am planning to automate using TestComplete.   Create a customized Virtual Machine through a Web UI Dashboard. Download RDP executable for this Virtual Machine Conn...
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    5 years ago

    In my opinion, you can do it and automate it even through Jenkin.


    1) Prepare a VM with Jenkins service installed (on which you will run the test)

    1.1) Install TestExecut on this machine to call the download test from your website prepared VM
    (this will be the first test)


    1.2) If 1.1 is successful, start the second test to install the previously downloaded VM and start the system.


    1.3) On a newly started system, have installed a testExecut that you can even run from the cmd line.


    I've never tried it before but I think it can work this way.