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2 years ago

Latest Testcomplete and latest Chrome?

Hello am running TestComplete (x64)

and now using Chrome 107.0.5304.88 (64 bit)


And since having chrome updated to the version above, pop ups and other objects are no longer being recognized, some are but some are not.... I check for a Chrome Extension patch and seems there is none for these versions?  Does anyone know anything about this?





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      Thank you for the reply, it appears you are correct... hopefully they will support it soon.

  • Note: I posted this in another section as well... but it may or may not be helpful to someone, or totally useless, Lol, and I'm sure others have "better" work arounds.... but this is ok for what I am doing for the time being... again, may or may not be helpful for anyone else).




    I agree, lol, until then I just use what I call a "Bulldoze" approach for pop ups.... where the pop up happen... I turn error logging off.... send an "Enter" to the browser, and then turn error logging back on.


    Sort of a temp hack I guess... as I don't really care about the pop ups... as I assume if a real issue it will fail on next commands etc...


    So script looks a little like this:



       Set onscreenObj = Sys.Browser("chrome").BrowserWindow(0)
       Sleep 2000
           onscreenObj.Keys "[Enter]"
       Sleep 2000



    Of course this works if you don't really care whether the pop up pops up or not, and that by sending an "Enter" it will take the default action ("OK" Etc) for the pop up.  


    By turning off the log, it will not "Fail" the test if the popup exists or not.... by turning it back on, its back to business as usual if there is an error.


    Anyways, that is a temp work around for me... everyone else has different needs etc... so may not be any kind of temp solution for them etc... but for "me" and in this particular scenario... it gets my script through.  Lol


    Again would be great if latest TestComplete and latest browsers always worked...  IMO SmartBear is usually pretty quick on at least generating a patch to handle these scenarios... I have not checked recently for a patch now, so not sure if they have generated one since folks logging the issue etc.