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5 years ago

Keyword Test - How to verify data value in auto-generated table which contain auto-generated objectI

Hi Keyword Test - How to verify data value in the auto-generated table which contains auto-generated objectID and objectName   I tried verify property of the whole table and the system includes al...
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    5 years ago

    Just as a note:

    While keyword tests are great, I recommend that you learn coding skills for two reasons:


    1) Knowing coding logic will help in knowing how to organize tests and run more complicated logic like for loops, if-then, exception handling, etc

    2) There are some things that are much more elegant and, even, easier to do in code than in keyword tests.  They can be CALLED from keyword tests but the code is much less convoluted.


    That said... to obtain a cells value all you need to do is set the parameter type for whatever operation you're executing (logging a message, setting a variable, etc) to "Code expression" and then enter the full object identifier for the cell (Aliases.App.Table.Cell(i, 2)).  That should do what you need.