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6 years ago

Keyword Mode: Unable to record the Chrome Print function.

Our Website allows the user to print an Order Summary via the browser's pring function.  However, TestComplete is not recording me clicking on the 'Print' button in Chrome.  Please see the attached file for a screen shot.


Has anyone seen this before?  Do I need to load a special extension or permission or make a settings adjustment?

  • Hi,


    I think that this Print panel is implemented via internal Chrome means and thus may be not recognizible for TestComplete.

    As a workaround you may consider these options:

    -- Use print shortcut keys combination (Ctrl-Shift-P) to print using the system dialog that should be accessible to TestComplete;

    -- Consider image search to find the image of the Print button and click it;

    -- You may try the TextObject object and check if it works with Chrome.


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