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2 years ago

Key word testing and disabling logging on property checks

I have a bunch of drop and drag keyword setup scripts that I do not want to log test results as the Property/Region checkpoints looks for a status of where we are on the webpage and fails as it shoul...
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    2 years ago

    I guess a question in my mind is this:  Why do you have property checkpoints in what amounts to a setup/utility routine?  Just because it's called a "keyword test" doesn't mean it actually has to test anything.  Checkpoints are just that - checkpoints.  Activities that you add in order to validate whether or not the application undertest has met some sort of expected result.

    Personally, while manipulating the Log.Enabled property of the logging object may be one solution, probably the more obvious one would to use some other method (if then, for example) for doing the necessary checks without logging a checkpoint result.