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9 months ago

Key action for DblClick

i have using OCR Action for a specific wed application and i click objects with text recognitions in that application i'm trying to not click without coordinate axis instead ,i'm using  select by text with some preference on that i have structed with key action for double click , previously i use [Enter] in string to perform this function but i desperately needed dBClick function to move further can any one help me?

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    Can you explain, how you would do this manually? I still don't quite understand exactly what you are trying to do, as you can't perform a double click using keys

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    As I know you want to perform a double-click action on those objects using coordinate axis instead of the key. first identify the coordinate axis of the object you want to double-click. This can be done by using OCR to recognize the text associated with the object and then mapping it to the corresponding coordinates on the screen. Once you have the coordinates, you can use automation libraries or tools like Selenium or PyAutoGUI to simulate a double-click action on those coordinates.