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5 years ago

Join Exclusive TestComplete Beta Program Now!

Hi Community!


I've got great news for you.

SmartBear would like to invite you to join an exclusive beta program for TestComplete, our automated UI functional testing platform for desktop, mobile, and web applications. You’ll be able to create automated web tests that can be run on multiple browsers, operating systems, and device configurations in the cloud, with just one test.


Get started with test creation and execution quickly as TestComplete provides record and playback, a reliable object recognition engine, data-driven testing, a reporting framework, and out-of-the-box integrations with test management, defect tracking, CI / CD and source control tools.


Join the TestComplete Beta program today. Throughout the beta program, you will have full access to all the premium features of the tool and support from the Product Team to learn how to use TestComplete effectively.


Good luck with your testing!

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