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2 years ago

Jenkins with Windows server

Hello, I'm using Jenkins with Windows server. 

I have 2 problems. 

One is.. 

When play the Test complete using jenkins (close the windows server using batchfile:

error comes out. that error caused by cutted screen. (cutted screen: not exist scroll and partially excepted menu list )


Another is.. 

I used 'Headless Browser' script. ( to solve the 'One' problem.

When i using the 'Headless Browser' script, Number 1 problem was solved.

but occur another problem. Different web page comes out. 

When I put my url manually than comes out the login page. 

but using headless browser option, expired login page comes out. 


How can i solve this problem..?  ğŸ˜­

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      Thankyou mikef 

      I tried example. 

      I made a 'server domain' and wrote like below. but didn't work.

      Are the steps that I tried correct?
      1) I wrote below command at notepad
      2) saved '.bat'
      3) double click '.bat'file in my local computer


      SessionCreator.exe RunTest
      /\user01(my server user name is user01 and user02)
      /password:(I put my password thie field)




  • Hi


    You need to point to the .PJS project file, plus i'd suggest using the /UseActiveSession flag so SessionCreator can capture the active session to run the UI tests.


    It would look something like this : 

    SessionCreator.exe RunTest /\user01 /password:[pw] /ScreenResolution:"1920*1020" /UseActiveSession /ProjectPath:"C:\TestComplete\HealthCheck\HealthCheck.pjs"


    You can execute this directly on the machine, or by your pipeline tool if any.

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      That 'machine' means 'windows server'? 

      I edited '.pjs' path,  added 'UseActiveSession'  and executed at 'windows server' but doesn't work.. 

      In my opinion.. command line's first step 'SessionCreator.exe' doesn't work. 

      When I double click the batch file, cmd window comes out slightly and closed very quickly. 


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        You may need to add the path to the Session Creator app to the system PATH variable.