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7 years ago

Jenkins - GitLab access vs. "user session is non-interactive"

Currently to access GitLabs and do local git fetch/pull on my Jenkns Slave the win10 PC "Jenkins agent service" is required to be a specific account (.\jenkins), not local user session. 



The TestComplete plugin requires that the "Local System account" is used. If I use the .\jenkins user for the service, then TestComplete responds with the error:

The operation cannot be performed, because the user session is non-interactive.



I tried adding the jenkins user "Credentials" to the git plugin for this job, to access the repo, but that didn't work.


We have had a similar issue in the past with the non-interactive user session, and there is a registry change that fixes it, but that didn't help us here


On cmd line I can run the git commands as the local user, with no problem. The Slave PC has ppk connection to the remote repo.


Is there something I can do to enable the session to be interactive using the .\jenkins user?


Is there a way to get the Source Code Manager Plugin to use the correct "Credentials" so I can run the jenkins agent as local user session?


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