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10 years ago

JavaFX: Check existence of named label in ListView

Hi everyone,


I am building keyword tests for a JavaFX application.

On one page of my application I have an overview of items displayed in a ListView. Above the ListView is a check box allowing the user to also view historic entries. If the check box is checked then at the end of the list some additional items appear, the first of which contains a headline in a named lable. If I record a test then the lable might be found like this:



My problem now is that the named lable does not always have to be in 'listviewitemcell3'. It could be in any cell with any number.


How can I check for the existance of a label with a certain name in a keyword test and somehow turn this into a checkpoint?


I can probably use 'Find Object' to find the label as a child of the ListView  could use an 'If ... Then' but that would still not be a check point? Or should I be using some kind of script in this case? Or is there a way to use wildcards in the Alias so that I can eliminate the cell level from the matching process?


Best Regards,



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