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8 years ago

Java application objects not recognized, WaitSwingObject fails in method invoke timeout

Having an intermittent issue with recognizing objects in our desktop Java application.  Every so often, recognition of various top-level popup dialogs will fail.


Note that it is not always the same test failing. Different tests will fail in different runs, with different dialogs. Symptoms are always the same.


For example, looking for this object:

Set object = Sys.Process("AppName").WaitSwingObject("JDialog", "Open Datafile(s)", 0)

And it fails after an extended amount of time.

Then, TestComplete logs an Unexpected window error for an object like this:
Sys.Process("AppName").Window("SunAwtDialog", "Open Datafile(s)", 1)


The amount of time WaitSwingObject takes to fail is directly linked to the project's Open Applications Method invoke timeout setting.  I've tried increasing up to 15 minutes, and WaitSwingObject will take 15 minutes to return and fail.  Seems the application is failing to respond to some internal method called in WaitSwingObject.


I tried enabling Freeze Diagnostics for our application process with a lower value (2 minutes), but TestComplete never detected the freeze. Not certain how to gather more information.

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