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12 years ago

Janus Gridex - Expanding a single group

I am writing in VBScript in TestComplete 8.5 and need to expand a single group in the grid of type GridEx from Janus. The product version of Janus GridEx is 2.0.1208.0. I tried to use 'ExpandRecords' method but that would expand all the groups in the grid. Is there a way that I can expand a single group only? Apart from that, how do I verify that the group is expanded or not? There is no 'Expanded' property. The only way I can think of is using RowCount vs RecordCount.


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    Hi Jeffrey,


    As the control doesn't have official support in TestComplete, you have to use native properties and methods of the control. We have several examples in our How To section demonstrating how to test the control:



    BTW, I recommend that you visit our Supported Controls Survey page and vote for your control. This way, implementing support for your control in one of future updates will get a higher priority.