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10 years ago

Issue with resolution and remote desktop connection


I have some issues with creating automated test. Basically in my configuration there are 3 computers.

1st - my working computer, I create, test and debug automated tests in TestComplete on it (resolution 1920x1080)

2nd - Jenkins server, computer which will connect remotely to 3rd computer and execute automated tests by TestExecute (resolution 1600x1200)

3rd - test bench, tests will be run here (1600x900)

I created and tested KeywordTest on my 1st computer. Connecting through remote desktop connection to 3rd computer i had to check if someone isn't logged in and if there is someone, kick them out by clicking ok button. This is problematic because TestComplete doesn't recognize objects in remote desktop connection window and I had to click some coordinates corresponding to ok button coordinates. The problem is that after running this test on my 2nd computer test fails because of different ok button coordinates. So far automated test doesn't have to click anything on 3rd computer but I suspect there would be even more issues if it had. Is there some way to avoid this resolution issue? So far automated test doesn't have to click anything on 3rd computer but I suspect there would be even more issues if it had.

P.S.: I can't create automated tests on 2nd computer because there is no TestComplete installed and I don't have permission to instal anything.

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    I think I'm having a similar problem...

    "Test fails because of different ok button coordinates."

    Some of our users have their display settings enlarged, and when the tests are run on the server, they are failing because of different coordinates.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    We recommend creating tests based on the object recognition rather than on coordinate clicks. Executing coordinate tests on different computers is impossible (or it's very difficult to make it work). Dariusz, according to your description, I would suggest that you play with TestComplete's  Network Suite feature or try running the tests via the remote desktop.


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      Im using through object recognition but facing the same issue.  Same code fails when running in different screen resolutions. I want to select my 1st table row but its value changing repeatedly.


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        Hi, I have the same issue, so now have you fixed this problem? If so, could I get assistant from you? Thank you very much.