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2 years ago

Issue with merging in branches where conflicts or changes do not show in the commit

Running the latest Test complete and Tortoise GIT.


Lately, when pulling in the latest master or trying to merge in a branch the merge will not show any changes in the commit or it will show there are conflicts but not show or list any conflicts.


I've tried reverting changes and merging in branches in different order or using different machines to try and merge. I have also re-cloned the repo on the machines and nothing seems to allow merges once in this state.


I have to resort to manually merging tests and name mappings into a single branch and merge it in a single PR.


I haven't had any issues like this until recently.

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    What versions of TestComplete and Tortoise are you using?


    Just my experience - when our team has multiple users sharing a name mapping, we merge it outside TC and then commit it when it works for everyone.