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4 years ago

Issue to find grid text box location

Hi friends,

I am using new Trial version of Test Complete.

and  using 'Record Script (JavaScript)' in a web based application.

I found a specific issue to find out the location of Grid Text box.

On process of testing, there are text boxes in Grid which name is dynamically changing on each time running the web application.

Example --when I recorded first time the text box name as recorded in script as below,


page.FindElement("[role='dialog']:nth-child(12) .ui-button-text").Click();
textbox = page.FindElement("#txtColumnTitle_12");


But when I am running same Script, the name of the text box is changed like 

textbox = page.FindElement("#txtColumnTitle_17");

So, it could not able to find the element as it suffix number is changed .

How can i overcome this issue?


Please let me know if it make clear for all of you to response effectively. 





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      Hi Marsha_R,

      Thank you for your prompt reply.

       I tried this way as below, 

      textbox = page.FindElement("#txtColumnTitle_*")

      Inseated of 

      textbox = page.FindElement("#txtColumnTitle_12").

      It s not worked , 


      I am not sure that I did appropriately!

      If you any further suggestion, it will be helpful.

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        What happened when you tried that?  A screenshot of the error would be helpful.