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3 years ago

Issue identifying runtime object

I am new to Testcomplete and am struggling adding a checkpoint for a particular field, which appears at pagecml2.cell and with each iteration the .cell changes to .cell2 or .cell4 etc.

What can I do to ensure its finding this field?? I tried .cell* but that doesn't work.


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    If you use Object Spy on that field, what does it give you for the whole name of the object. I understand that it will vary, but I'd like to see the format that TestComplete is using to name it.

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      When I use object spy on the object the selected object displays as first time, the 2nd page when it loads with new data it will display as .cell2 or .cell4 etc.

      The fullName property shows page url).FindElement("//td[.='name being searched']")

      Hope this helps