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12 years ago

Is there a way to convert my Scripts back to TestComplete8

I noticed the message about converting my scripts to TC9 and once done the scripts could not be run on other down level versions of TestComplete.

I am moving back to TestComplete 8 due to way to much lost development time trying to use TC9.  Is there an official or non-official conversion tool to take me (my scripts) back to TC8?  Having the upgrade path being one way I feel is a real BoneHeaded move.  Surely SmartBear didn't do that.  Did they never hear the old axiom, "Never do anything on a computer you can't undo if necessary".

In any case any and all help is very welcome.


Mike Rouse

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    Hi Mike,

    Actually, script files are not changed during upgrade and can be used with any TestComplete version as long as they do not use features specific to that version.

    As for the rollback compatibility... Hm-m-m... I'm not sure it is possible to rollback VisualStudio 2010 project to VisualStudio 2003 or open Word 2013 file in Word 2000.

    The axiom you mentioned is surely a good one, but I know two supplementary ones: 'Never work on the only copy but do backup first' and 'five backups stored separately are better than three ones'. ;)
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    Every test automation tool that I have used over the past 15 years
    (TestComplete, QTP, SilkTest, Rational Robot, Visual Test) clearly
    stated in their Release Notes for new versions that you should save a
    copy of your test automation assets as they do not provide backward
    compatibility once test assets have been converted to the new format.

    At least with TestComplete, script files are redeemable.
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    Alexei Karas,

    I have used TestComplete 10 Demo version, now its expire. actually TC10 convert my all script into there new file format. :(

    Now While I am trying to use same script in our TestComplete 9.3 licence version, it's not allow me.

    I request you please do not Convert file format in "Demo Version of TestComplete" or if conversion is required then Demo Version should save separate file or same file with different extension. 

    so old script can be used in lower version too. without any problem.



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    Hi Ravi,

    > I request you please do not Convert [...]

    I am afraid to say that as I am not working for SmartBear I cannot do this. Sorry... :)

    As for the script sources - they are not modified in any way during upgrade and you can use them with all previous versions of TestComplete as long as they do not use the functionality that is absent in the given version.

    To use some script file in the previous version of TestComplete either add this file as 'Existing Item' or replace the already existing file with the current one.